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  A six hour training course consisting of four sessions and followed by the opportunity for a 30 minute one-to-one pre-assessment session on the following day.

  About the IET

  The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is one of the world’s leading professional bodies in engineering. It was founded in 1871 and has a Royal Charter.

  The IET looks after the professional interests of over 167,000 engineers and technologists in 150 countries. It is a trusted source of essential engineering intelligence and provides a Professional Home for Life® for engineers and technicians. Amongst the wide range of benefits available to members, the IET supports them in achieving internationally recognised Professional Registration with the Engineering Council as a Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, Engineering Technician or ICT Technician.

  Training overview

  This six hour training course will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the Professional Registration process and how to apply. The format of the training is as follows:

  Session 1: An introduction to the IET and Professional Registration

  Session 2: Requirements for Professional Registration

  Session 3: The application process

  Session 4: The professional review process

  Following the four sessions, candidates will have the opportunity to attend a one-to-one session with a trainer in order to have a pre- assessment of their application.

  What is the format of the workshop?

  The workshop will consist of a series of presentations from international engineers. They will give examples and draw on case studies throughout the day to demonstrate how Professional Registration is obtained. Attendees will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions in addition to the one-to-one sessions with the trainers.

  Who should attend?

  This workshop is relevant to:

  • Employers of engineers that wish to recognise and benchmark the competence of their workforce against an internationally- recognised standard

  • Engineering employers that are working on projects or bidding for projects overseas

  • Engineers wanting to seek recognition of their skills, competence and professionalism

  • Engineers looking to work overseas or on international projects


  The training content is split into four main sessions, with details of each below.


  Session 1: An introduction to the IET and Professional Registration

  90 minute session

  The IET is one of the oldest and largest professional engineering institutions in the world and one of the most multi-disciplinary. It is licensed to award internationally recognised professional qualifications to engineers and technicians.

  This session will provide an introduction to the IET and the benefits that it offers. It will also provide a detailed overview of Professional Registration, including the standard that it follows and why it is sought after by engineers.

  What topics are covered?

  • An introduction to the IET, including the benefits of IET

  membership and knowledge resources

  • An overview of Professional Registration

  • A look at UK-SPEC (the standard involved)

  • The benefits of Professional Registration for Chinese engineers

  • The steps needed to achieve Professional Registration

  What attendees will learn?

  As a result of attending this session attendees will understand:

  • The history of the IET, how it influences the global engineering society and how engineers can develop their skills and knowledge through IET membership

  • The concept of Professional Registration and how the process works

  • What benefits Professional Registration can offer engineers both within China and internationally

  • UK-SPEC, which sets out the competence and commitment required to achieve Professional Registration, and the role of the Engineering Council

  • The different categories of Professional Registration and which is most relevant
  Session 2: Requirements for Professional Registration

120 minute session

  Achieving Professional Registration is not about sitting a one off exam. Instead, applicants need to demonstrate their professional competence. The IET’s assessment of professionalism is structured around five competence and commitment groups (A, B, C, D, E) that make up UK- SPEC (discussed in Session 1). Some look at technical knowledge whilst others consider managerial and leadership skills as well as professional commitment.

  This session looks at the requirements for achieving Professional Registration. Each of the five competence and commitment groups will be discussed in detail.

  What topics are covered?

  • A definition of competence

  • Competence A - Knowledge and understanding

  • Competence B - Design and development of processes, systems, services and products

  • Competence C - Responsibility, management / leadership

  • Competence D - Communication and inter-personal skills

  • Competence E - Professional commitment

  • An overview and examples of how competence is assessed

  What attendees will learn?

  As a result of attending this session attendees will understand:

  • The competence based requirements for IET Professional Registration, including both academic qualifications and professional experience

  • How to assess and present their knowledge and experience

  • How the assessment process works

  Session 3: The application process

60 minute session

  In order to start the Professional Registration process, applicants must initially complete a detailed application form. It is important that sufficient time is given to the form to ensure that enough evidence and background information is recorded to support the applicant’s case.

  This session focuses on how to effectively complete the application process.

  What topics are covered?

  • The information needed in order to complete the application form

  • A look at a completed application form

  • Submitting the application form

  What attendees will learn?

  As a result of attending this session attendees will understand:

  • What information is important when completing the application form

  • How to submit the application

  • Hints and tips to make the application process as effective as possible

  Session 4: The professional review process

60 minute session

  Once the application has been submitted, there are a number of assessment stages that must take place before a final decision can be made. These stages involve checks by IET staff, peer reviews from professionally registered engineers and a professional review interview for the applicant.

  This session will guide attendees through the professional review process.

  What topics are covered?

  • Pre-assessment checks

  • Peer review of application

  • Professional review interview; what happens, who is in it and the language used in the interview

  • Final peer decision and communication to applicants

  What attendees will learn?

  As a result of attending this session attendees will understand:

  • The professional review process from start to finish

  • How to prepare for the professional review interview

  • What to expect during a professional review interview

  • How a final decision on the application is made, how it is communicated and what happens next
  Questions and answers

  Questions will be encouraged from attendees throughout the day. Additionally, there will be a dedicated questions and answers session with the trainers at the end of the day.


  One-to-one pre-assessment sessions

  On the day following this training, attendees have the opportunity to book pre-assessment sessions with the trainers. These will take the form of one-to-one sessions (approximately 30 minutes in length) that will

  provide advice and guidance to potential applicants. The trainers will be able to provide a pre-assessment of their knowledge and experience, and will make recommendations on whether the potential applicant is ready to start the application process.

  The training address



  How to join?

  For further information and to attend the workshop, please contact:
  高得才 010-63413769 13581976320
  安红雨 010-62145393 13911829810
  传 真:010-63413630
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